Thursday, June 7, 2012

Give Your Toddler A Boost: Starting Early with Alphabets!

My son is 19 months old now and he already knows the alphabet.

3 months ago, I made a post. about the milestone, Lenard Roi has reached and he is 16 months by then. I mentioned about how he came up to that ability at his young age.
Read this to know the story.

I try to find more ways to enhance what he already knows for now. It's like having added appetite to guide him more to see how he may get further. My husband and I, as well as the people who got to see our son showing what he had learned were so much delighted.
And that was something great for a first time mom like me. Simply knowing that my efforts has been successfull is truly overwhelming. I take notes of every details and events that Iam working now to have furnish after every parents out there who might be hoping to get the same joy Iam having right now through sharing this one.


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  3. You really are an effective Teacher. :) YouTube and other children's websites are helpful also to kids nowadays. My two year old son learned so many things aside from me and my wife's tutorial. :) Eiiy, thanks for dropping by in my "In The Eyes Of BlackBerry" blog.

  4. Im glad you visit my site too.

    Its just late when I realized about my passion in teaching that I took up computer science instead of Education. :) but theres no regrets besides Im capable of applying both in blogging now.

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    Glad that your child is doing well. Bringing up children is no simple job!

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    Yes, your right and Im proud Im doing it good for now. :)

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