Thursday, May 10, 2012

As A Mother, for My Mom!

In life, you couldn't please everyone around you.

Some appreciate what you do, some couldn't understand you. There maybe a few who salute you, a number envy you or more of them don't just know the real you but are good at judging you.

Im aware of all these.. Though not for myself but for my MOTHER.

My mother is tough. She walk through life with all her strenght. Behind her sharp tongue that nags out all her complaints, is the heart of a MOTHER that I would always forlong and not ever wanted to get replaced by anyone else.

She got her weaknesses and Iam sure we all have. Because of it, she fell out in numbers of times. But it doesn't move my heart on loving her.
Her once fall of defeit is a pain to our family. I never give a damn. I just count on her great things done and just pray for that heart-tearing part of us to all get healed in time.

I have learned to weigh things in balance. To justify her means, to give my ownself explanations on how things happened.. To what extent she had her will to hurt us.

I did not speak, I avoid to ask. All the answers to my questions were just from my own speculations. If in this way, I could avoid to hurt her. She is full enough on bearing social bitter feedbacks. She had been such a community outcast and I know if its not for us, she could not remain tough.

Now, we're moving on. Forgetting things behind.
A spot remained and cannot in any way be removed.

But for me..
She is still my mother.

Im in no place to discern her. I awe her my life and that is all that it takes.

Iam now a mother and this makes me value my mother more. Iam not vocal on saying how I feel, but through writing this, to the whole world Iam saying..
I Love You ho Inay!


  1. Nice, sweet, and candid, Leslie.

    I follow your drift because I know what are you talking about even if the details were different.

    The bottom line is, the love that can reach over hurdles we, as human beings, can raise in our weakness.

    I am not a Mom, of course, Nature decreed that, but I can enjoy, vicariously, the delight of having a child.

  2. Thank you Untony!
    glad you appreciate my post. This was my mother's day tribute to my mom and Its all sincere straight from the heart. :)