Saturday, May 5, 2012

Being A Mom: First Conquest!

Moms, can you still recall your first reaction when you got to know you're pregnant?

Well, we probably goes beyond different kind of reactions. The way we behaved has packed into unique stories. Isn't it good to think back of that moment?

For me, it never went easy.

It went away far beyond my must be perspective and priorities. I would not forlong with the true story behind but rather share the wonder and changes it brought my life.

The drama which was kept within 9 months of being a mother of unborn baby is overwhelming. The odd feeling was great even after seing my precious child the first time in my arms.. Its empowering!

My mindset has changed into creating more usefull steps towards proper parenting. It was never a day without feeding my mind of better ways to keep my child on the right track.

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