Sunday, May 6, 2012

How To Handle Child Screaming

You are doing something in the kitchen when you heard a high pitched shout from your little cribble whose playing. Then you hurried yourself to him only to find out that nothing bad happened. Its just that he couldn't open a box or he can't take his shoes on.

The following days, you noticed that its more like being a habbit to him whenever he can't make his way to something.

You find it frustrating, right?
You might be wondering why he come up to this attitude.

This screaming thing is just normal on children in their early age.
Within 16 to 19 months, it is prominent.

At this age, they are still learning to produce words. Maybe an average of one word per day. And some might still connecting the words they already knew to each other.
They could now see things that they wanted to take try or immitate. These are their little goals.

Seing you or other person succeeding on doing what he is trying to do and ending things not the way he want it to be could easily frustrate him.
And because he knew he is failing and unable to say a word to express his frustration, all he can do is scream.

This won't get long, don't worry. Just cut out the shout at once. Make him feel that you're just there for help. Then if these things which he is up into were something not suitable for him to take a try, then find ways to turn his attention to something else they could do or make. Model for him. Let him see that you enjoy what you are doing. He will soon get attracted to your new activity. This will help him forget about what he is screaming for a while ago.

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