Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Sorry for Mom: Pre-Mother's Day Tribute!

Mother's Day is just a few days away for this year. Celebrating it has been part of our society.

In TV shows, we have seen on their features, lots of ways on how we take gratitudes to our mother.
On social networks and medias, shouts of greetings, tweets and graphical presents such as cards and banners are everywhere.

My question is..
Are all these just for this season?

It was just few weeks ago when I've seen this qoute, shared by my auntie on facebook.
It says..
We are too busy growing up that we almost forgot that our parents is getting old.
How true!

As for a mom like me, I just got to utter to myself the words that drives my tears roll down from my eyes.
That I hope, someday, my son got to realize about this more earlier than I was. Because I simply cannot bear the pain I caused to my mother upon not realizing that.
This MOTHER'S DAY, I want to say my SORRY to you mom! Again and again. And I Love You more than you ever know.

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