Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Child, God's Most Precious Gift!

Today is Leroi's 19th month. Im so proud that he had reached this milestone actively and in good health throughout the months. I really wish and pray that he continues to have a life well deserve for him with God's upon him all the time.

There is no such joy that Iam having right now as I see my son this loveable and smart.

I've prayed so much for a child of my wish and God has been greatfull for blessing me with this wonderful gift.

I know there were times that I forget to just say thank you to Him for even just the smallest thing He gave me, Iam not that religious either, but in my heart, there is always my deep acknowledgement to God.

I always said that Iam this kind of mother that I ever wanted to be.
I'm not so fortunate to have all the good things in life and just like everyone, there were also some trials that takes test on my well being but Iam still thankfull that Iam alive with purposes which I think is to be a better person for myself and for the others.
Specially, to be a good mother to my most precious dear.

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