Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brave Mothers: Most Sweet!

There are many things that can break a heart,
Rejections and failures even just on your start,
Sorrows and grieving, marks of wars,
As well as the pain, of saying goodbye.

A heartfelt confession of a battered wife,
The weep of a woman who lost her son;
The bitterness made of being left behind..
Such longing for love that they are deprived.

Those cries in the silence, where no one is in sight;
Where only the prayers were uttered in sigh..
Tears flowing and hopeless mind,
Pleads for salvation from her sorrowful life.

All these, you know is a view of a MOTHER,
Their other side
We might not even get to bother.
The heart in full sore they don't just want us to feel,
For the sight of her sad child is the the last thing they would ever wanted to see.

In our young mind, we might question this..
Why would they have to keep just it;
Why don't they just fight like heroes on their leagues?
Because they are MOTHERS and they just know what is BEST.

In the most ugly times, we'll just know they're not weak,
They were able to fight,
They are always brave.
If it's for her FAMILY, there is no room for defeit.
She'd risk it all mindless of what it takes.

This is why every MOTHER is GREAT;
They keep everything inside for their child's sake.
Money, diamonds, nice clothings..
For them were nothing
Than US their CHILDREN,

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