Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weaning A Baby From Breastfeeding

I have tried some ways of weaning my 17 months old son, Lenard Roi, from breastfeeding.

I started it a week before he turns 17 months by having my breast messily marked with a red lipstick, hoping he would refuse to suck it if it looks unwantedly dirty.

This thing worked in my first approach to him. He frowned in disappointment to what my breast looks like but by having it observed more for moment, he was then willing to take it no matter how it looks.

I refused to breastfeed him for a moment and tried the other way.

This was a plan with my husbands support and coordination.

We have prepared a bottled milk first as follow-up when he insist to have him feed. Lenard must not see me atleast just for the time we will execute the plan.

My Husband joined our son for long minutes of play and bonding until Lenard called a time out for a breastfeed as he shout 'dedede'. That's the cue. I didn't come for his need and remained out of his sight. His father gave him the bottle instead but he refused to take it, just biting the nipple and later throws the bottle away. He just cried and cried, shouting dedede everytime.

We couldn't bear seing our son that frustrated and decided just to wait for time he must be ready enough.

A child who's not known to bottle feed at least alternately done with breastfeeding on his/her early age are more capable to have weaned later than those who did.

I have tested trying to alternate bottle and breastfeeding when Lenard was just 2 months old. He did it for the first 2 weeks, 25ml of milk formula once a day but does'nt want to suck on the silicon nipple on the following days. I assumed that is normal until one time, when I'am insisting him to bottle feed, he cried to his unwillingness not normally he does.

I stopped pursuing for the bottle and offered him my breast instead. He just continue to cry and doesn't taking my nipple even if it was already on his mouth. I got startled during that moment.

I thought he won't get recovered. My thanks to God when he gets back. From then on, I stopped giving him other milk for alternative.

Weaning your baby from breastfeeding takes time. As long as there is no risk in concern, you have the time and your milk is still in good terms, why not pursue breastfeeding until your child reach 2 years old? Isn't that what is best for him/her?

Breastmilk contains all the essential nutrients your child need for optimum health.

And besides, if your child can now eat solid foods, the money you would rather spend for buying milk formulas is wisely spendable enough for buying nutritious foods for the two of you.

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