Friday, May 4, 2012

Get Your Child Ready To Learn

Who says we need to wait until 2 years old for a child to teach him the alphabets?

Lenard Roi, my 16 months old son can now distinguish A,B and C aside frow his favorite 'circle'.

He can now depicts a number as a number though not knowing the exact name of it and often just say two, tee fah as what he refer to numbers.

It doesn't matter how early you can teach your child as far as you can see his/her interest on learning. Infact, the earlier it is, the better he will get further

The key is your patience. Consistency as well is a must.

In my case, it doesn't take long after my child's birth when i dedicate myself to give him the best for him as his first mentor. I knew already that it was me who would mold his interest to study.

I gather the materials that would be of help like books, colored papers, illustrations etc. You need to be creative too. As far as you have your resources whether recycled or new, just rely on your imagination. Draw, cut, paste, build something like color cards, picture and alphabet compilation and many more.

These things will be in use months later of your childs development period.

I started things from reading books to Lenard Roi in as early as 2 months old. A credit also to my recent job 2 to 3 months before my due date as tutorial teacher. As my work includes more reading exercises and ranging to 60 percent pre-school basic stuffs 6 to 7 hours a day, I'd be able to read for him at the same time.

As of now, im still finding more techniques on helping him have wider interest to explore academically. I know he relies on me. I know it is my responsibility. And i love him most that i try everything thats best for him.


  1. Hi,You're doing a fantastic job,I've read some of your blog post-I work with children too,I have my own business at home,minding children.I I used to work at the nursery, but since child care cost a fortune here in the UK-that's when I thought I'll start my own business..

    I started reading books to my children as soon as I found out I was pregnant, now they love their books,I wasn't sure if reading books whilst pregnant helped them become a bookwork? but am just glad that they are healthy and doing an excellent job at school.

    I think parents interaction is always the best.

  2. sorry--typo--I meant bookworm (not bookwork) :)

  3. Thank you very much Cecille for taking time to read my posts. :)

    Your visit means a lot to me for I was just a beginner who needs strong push at this moment. :)

    Yes parents participation is atmost important.
    There are children born smart but still it was the parents guidance that leads them to their best.