Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raising Smart Child: Get Started Through Visual Stimulation

Raising smart child is a tough but challenging job for parents.

I'ts like planting vines on a wide vacant plot.
The little vine sprouts were the children and parents were that posts beside each vines where it would use to
climb straight up in later time.

Sounds the same as with raising a child in the basic
manner yet those for raising smart child is different.

People were amazed by a
smart kid and always wanting their own child to be like one. I've never heard somebody or if there were some but maybe rare who says they never wanted a smart child of thier own.

Being smart is like an achievement that certifies self-worth and innate power.

Genes takes the most credit of it all as it carries the heredetary aspects of human that makes smart characteristics bearable by the next generations of his blood.

There were parents who
always wanted their children to be an excellent one. But "excellent" sounds too much that they would rather call it "smart".
It was then for they agree
it is something that makes every parents proud and effective.

Parents should know that their children, whether each of them were in-born smart, it is still on their hands where they rely their growth and development mostly on the time they are still very
young and dependent.

It can never be too much for the child to have mind stimulations earlier on his/her life. But it is just that time they should begin exploring.

The earlier the stimulation is
the better they develop themselves as human being.

Stimulations build interest and it should be done by the parents in most possible time, in most effective way, earlier on the child's life.

Setting it late for the child
would lead him to way different interest.

We should know that stimulation, through exposing them early to colorful pages of the books than the colorfull paintings of toys could have different effect on them as they grow up.

There's the possibility of both ways:

The child exposed early in colorfull toys might create interest in colors or interest in toys and both.


The child exposed early in colorfull pages of the books might create interest in colors or interest in books or both.

Let us say that yes its just normal for the child to be interested in toys because he/she is still young and it is good if he/ she got interested more in colors or in both.


Wouldn't it be better either way your child gets interested in colors or in books and best if he/she gets interested to both in his/her young age.

If you are a parent or in time would be a parent, if you just come up with this thinking or if you comes up with more aspects rather than this to your mind...

...do you think you are now getting ready to be a parent of a smart child?


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