Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raising Smart Child: Learning from the Sense of Touch

I gave credit to visual stimulation as one of the good start to raising a smart child in my previous post.
Now let us discuss how the sense of touch take its part on raising a smart child.

I always stress out the involvement of the parents on this meaningful goal for our kids. As we aim for their betterment, it should also be us to take the necessary steps for making it possible.

The sense of touch is said to be vital on infants and initiates their sociability.

Through holding them we give them warmth. Unconsciously, they found protection on us. Some gentle rubs and touch and they knew they are loved.
They are not able to talk but we can communicate to them through it. So that means a lot to them.

Later on their development, when they were able to see things on their surroundings, they would then appreciate things through feeling it. They are then on their own exploration.

See them wanting to grasp a toy, tapping things on their reach, playing their own fingers and mashing their food? These little things they do with their hands benefits on their farther awareness and understanding.

Learning through a mere touch can also be observed on how they respond to their actions.

A pleasure of holding a soft marshmallows with their hands is something they would be fond to do whenever they see one of its kind again.


The pain it brought them from touching a sharp thing would restrain them to even get close to such kind again.

Expose your child to different textures early. Their sense of touch helps them grow and develop their mental capacity as well.
Their social interaction begins as they learn for the mere touch.


Let them start interacting with your great LOVE!

Isn't it great if they learn them first from you?
From your own hands?

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